Matters needing attention in disease prevention and health preservation in late spring

Dr. Jason Lin

The temperature has warmed up in late spring. The humidity in the air gradually increased with Rain Water rich, which is easy to induce disease. Coupled with the temperature will still be unstable, people’s body will also have some minor problems. Ancient Chinese medicine believed that spring was related to the liver, and the liver was opened to the eye. As a consequence, the concept of health preservation in spring was mainly to nourish the liver and remove dampness to improve digestive function.

Disease prevention

Pay attention to ventilation

All kinds of bacteria and viruses begin to multiply in large numbers with the rise of temperature and humidity in spring. If the doors and windows are closed for a long time, or poor ventilation, it is easy to lead to a cold epidemic and a high incidence of infectious diseases.

As a consequence, you should try to open the window twice a day for at least 10 minutes each time, preferably to form air convection and improve indoor air quality whether at home or in the office.

Among them, the atmospheric diffusion conditions are better and the concentrations of pollutants are lower in the two periods of 8 O’clock- 11 O’clock in the morning and 13 O’clock -16 O’clock in the afternoon. As a consequence, they are the first choice for ventilation and ventilation. In addition, those who live on the side of the road should pay attention to avoid opening windows in the morning and evening.


Spring is the season of blooming flowers. In addition, it is the time when all kinds of pollen and flower poison are rampant. People who have been allergic to pollen in the past are advised to go to places with more flowers, especially to avoid windy weather. You should prepare anti-allergy medicine or wear a mask to reduce exposure to pollen when you go out.

Sunburn protection

The content of ultraviolet rays is also increasing day by day with the increasing sun in spring. If you do not do a good job of protection, you will also be sunburned in spring, followed by redness, swelling and fever. It can result in some skin problems and even accelerated aging.

Advice: Remember to apply sunscreen, wear a wide-brimmed sunshade hat and use a sunscreen umbrella when you go out. If necessary, you can wear professional sunscreen clothing and sunglasses.

Mosquito prevention

All kinds of mosquitoes appear one after another with the weather gets warmer. Being bitten by mosquitoes will not only make the skin red, swollen and itchy, but the most terrible thing is that the virus it carries infects the human body. In addition, there may also be outbreaks of dengue fever and encephalitis. As a consequence, it is recommended that doors and windows be equipped with screen windows and screen doors to prevent mosquitoes from entering the room.

Keep in good health in late spring

Be careful to get enough sleep

Nourishing the liver depends on enough sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, your eyes will get tired easily and your eyes will be bleary-eyed. In spring, you can get enough rest for your eyes if you want to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Don’t stay up too late at night, you’d better go to bed at 10 O’clock. Even if it is difficult to fall asleep, do not have too much pressure, spring. Similar to nature, the body has just recovered, need a little buffer period. If you want to know about your sleep, it is recommended to wear a monitoring bracelet so that you can know how you sleep.

Pay attention to the way you eat.

The liver is the main factory for our body to synthesize essential substances. In addition, essential food nutrition is needed to maintain normal function.

“Meal" said: “It is appropriate to eat wheat in order to cool in the spring."

In late spring, the diet should be mainly light when the temperature rises gradually. In addition to eating high-quality protein food, you can drink mung bean soup, red bean soup, sour plum soup and green tea to prevent heat accumulation in the body.

You should not eat too much mutton, spicy hot pot and pepper and other hot food. It can avoid that the body metabolism is too exuberant, resulting in skin diseases such as sores, carbuncle, furuncle, swelling and other diseases.

In addition, summer is approaching at this time. It is necessary to pay attention to dietary hygiene from the perspective of health care. After cooking, if you do not eat immediately, you must immediately put in the refrigerator, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria. After all, the disease comes from the mouth.

Pay attention to your clothes

Many young people wear thin clothes early with the temperature rises. However, they are easy to leave chronic rhinitis or even allergies after repeated colds. The temperature changes greatly in spring. As a consequence, it is not recommended to remove thick clothes quickly.

Sun Simiao — an ancient doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, once said, “you can’t wear thin clothes in spring, which makes you typhoid, eat not well and have a headache. In addition, there is also a folk saying that “covering in spring and freezing in autumn will not lead to miscellaneous diseases". Please prepare an extra piece of thin clothes to facilitate the decrease of resistance to cold and illness when the temperature changes at the junction of spring and summer.

You can prepare a suit for ordinary people. Once you go out in the rain, put on your hat and wrap up your clothes to prevent you from catching a cold from wearing wet clothes for too long. The elderly are physically weak, temperature changes are easy to catch a cold, and it is even more necessary to carry a coat with them at ordinary times in particular.

You should pay attention to the lower body to avoid cold for too long, and strengthen moistureproof measures, such as wearing waterproof shoes and rubber gloves, so as not to catch a cold or cause lower limb pain such as low back pain and knee pain if you travel and wade in late spring.

It is the season when the disease is prone to serious attacks for patients who already have rheumatic joint disease. As a consequence, we should pay more attention to take care of the painful places to avoid dampness damage. It is recommended to soak your feet with hot water every day before going to bed for 10-15 minutes or massage or to see a doctor for treatment in time if you have a pain attack.

Secondly, the navel is the Shenque acupoint of traditional Chinese medicine. Warmth can improve the spleen and stomach yang qi. Special attention should be paid to the warmth of this part for those who are afraid of cold in the stomach and love diarrhea.

These are the four key points for avoiding disease and the three key points for health preservation. It is expected that readers who have finished reading this article will be able to spend a healthy spring and face a healthier summer.

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